The STS developed to ensure quality educational standards in Pakistan and to “provide a national scale for comparative grading between institutes”, consolidating examination boards under one administering body.

STS is self-sustained testing company which uses advance working process modern technologies.Professional team design and conduct test and assessments, scholarships and recruitment and promotion purposes STS main objective is to maintain merit up and above which will ensure quality testing assessment. STS always strives for excellence  and guarantees quality ,efficiency reliability, Accuracy and most important credibility of entire system in a transparent manner under strict Security arrangements.Test and assessment through testing agencies are now prerequisite for admission /scholarships in colleges and universities and for recruitment in government and private sectors as well. STS provides testing and evolution services all the above sectors.

The head office of STS is located in Islamabad and other seven regional offices located in different cities STS is operating nationally so having directors from each region in advisory Board of directors All of the directors   of well-educated diversified professional background.

We aim in future provide online testing services  for the evolution of graduates and post graduates for admissions and scholarships in colleges and universities ,same we have the plans for recruitment of professionals to public and private organization.

Certification of Incorporation