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The STS developed to ensure quality educational standards in Pakistan and to “provide a national scale for comparative grading between institutes”,consolidating examination boards under one administering body.

STS is self-sustained testing company which uses advance working process modern technologies.Professional team design and conduct test and assessments, scholarships and recruitment and promotion purposes Read More

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Our Aim

We aim in future provide online testing services  for the evolution of graduates and post graduates for admissions and scholarships in colleges and universities ,same we have the plans for recruitment of professionals to public and private organization.


We provide the best, most trusted, well reputed recruitment partners for organizations as well as potential candidates in Pakistan


To conduct  assessment and testing  for both national and international  organization in Pakistan .we design and conduct  the assessment using advanced technologies and  a team of highly competent professionals ensuring the  validity and reliability of each test integrity and steadfastness  as the main guiding principle ,STS will endeavor to go beyond customers expectations by continuous  improvement in its services.


To conduct administrator test for admissions, scholarships and recruitment purposes ensuring that candidates are assessed in fair and transparent way to keep the merit up and up.

Core value

We trust our people and our partners.

We fulfill our commitments with clients to conduct assessment in fair and transparent way.

We always do the right and legal things with peace and passion.

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Recruitment Test

STS offers both paper and computer –based Test .STS uses most modern technologies for developing test items. Building test item bank, paper generation, e marking and compilation of results.

STS tests .measure  attributes such as general  mental ability ,critical thinking, problem  solving , communication skills , empathy and grip on specialized  subjects of the candidates which are required for further development  in every discipline .

These tests aim to assess more than intellectual ability and have added value along with regular board examinations. Such test distinguish candidates on the basis of cognitive functions and personality, independent of social class and schooling.

CEO Message

Our aim is to facilitate people in finding suitable jobs. We are trying to build a platform for qualified youth who are seeking to choose a career as well as professionals seeking to enhance their qualification through formal university education.

At present, many testing agencies are providing screening test services in Pakistan but very few of them are employing modern day technologies. We aim to develop tech-capability and provide diverse and top of the line testing services and products to all sectors and industries of Pakistan.

Besides providing online testing system for evaluation / screening of aspiring graduates and post graduates for admissions to universities and award of scholarships etc., we also aim to provide headhunting and recruitment solutions for public and private sector organizations. Read More

Mohammad Farhan Khan (CEO)

How We Work

Our Usual Process

Publication of Advertisement

Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom Government of Pakistan will publish the vacancy announcement in National News Papers:

Receiving of Application Forms STS Will receive the application forms directly from the candidates along with the test fee Paid deposit slip and online.
Short listing of candidates-uploading of Eligible/Rejected List on STS website

STS will short list candidates one week before the test date. This information will be provided to respective Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom Government of Pakistan. The candidates as per the criteria provided by Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom Government of Pakistan and upload the eligible and rejected candidates list on STS website

Printing of the Papers Printing of papers as per the contents/weight ages provided by Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom Government of Pakistan
Test Results STS will provide hard and soft form of the announced result to Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom Government of Pakistan within 10 days after the results officially published on website. (Subject to the number of candidates up to 50,000).

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